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168飞艇正规在线娱乐平台 The California Coalition of Domestic Referral Agencies (CCDRA) is the only non-profit mutual benefit member organization of Domestic Referral Agencies (DRAs) in California. CCDRA was established to provide awareness and education of the regulations under which our business model operates, as well as to form a united group in the protection of that model. CCDRA members are owner and operators of DRAs.

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As a member, you are supported throughout your entire journey, from the day you start thinking about starting an agency through growth, expansion, and all the ups and down of running a business.

Compliance, Referral Agency Contracts, Client Contracts, Legal Workshops & Much More!


With COVID we have brought all of our workshops now digital. It has never been easier to attend a workshop in the comfort of your own home. 


We work hard to ensure we always bring you valuable workshops, attorney consults, legal updates, as well as fighting any laws or regulations that could harm our business model. 


There is strength in numbers. By being a member, you benefit from our lobbying efforts to protect the future and interests of your business.

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全网最准168飞艇走势图完整版 幸运飞行艇开奖号码走势图 幸运飞开艇专家预测分析 The CCDRA is known for having all of the laws, regulations, checklists, contracts & much more piled into a huge book now turned digital. Members get instant access.


As a member, you are supported throughout your entire journey, from the day you start thinking about starting an agency through growth, expansion, and all the ups and down of running a business. 

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2022年新版官网开奖飞艇结果 How real people feel about the Benefits of Membership with CCDRA.

"CCDRA is a non-profit organization whose main purpose is to ensure the right for the Domestic Referral Agency business model to operate in California. To that end, CCDRA performs good works by strengthening the industry through educational workshops, an informative website, cost sharing of legislative advocates and access to a network of other agency owners. The service that CCDRA provides to members is invaluable. I would encourage all agency owners to join CCDRA to help ensure their own success by learning the state regulatory issues and to be a part CCDRA’s on going campaign to ensure the right for all to operate under this business model now and in the future."

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"I find CCDRA’s workshops and webinars to be invaluable in my efforts to be compliant with the new codes that govern our industry. I am also appreciative of the fact that the CCDRA Board Members make themselves available for consultations whenever I have questions. I feel comfortable managing my business with all the tools that CCDRA offers me. It gives me peace of mind and makes me more confident about going through an audit."

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Ofelia Q. MEMBER SINCE 2001

"I would recommend CCDRA to anyone who is serious about his or her business. The coalition is full of information and always ready to help. I’m a very satisfied member."

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Richard C. MEMBER SINCE 2003

"There are many reasons I am a member of CCDRA, following are but a few of the most important to my business and me. CCDRA has compiled the current Federal and State laws and regulations that govern our business model. I use this information to guide my business and train my office assistants in the Dos and Don’ts of the business. CCDRA, along with a legislative lobbyist when needed, monitor Senate and Assembly Bills and with the membership’s help, fight proposed Bills that are sponsored by our competitors and if passed, would greatly hinder our businesses and ultimately “run us out of business."

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Jamie H. MEMBER SINCE 2001

"Being a member of the CCDRA has been extremely helpful for my business. The membership is worth its weight in gold, and I feel good supporting our industry. I have had numerous questions about how to handle certain situations and I know I can always count on the CCDRA board members to lead me in the right direction. All of my questions are answered promptly and professionally. I feel good knowing that I always have a solid sounding board available to me for any good or sticky situations concerning the referral agency model. I have picked up so much valuable information from their webinars and workshops over the years and I plan to continue being an active member of the Coalition."

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"I operate my business as a 'Referral Agency' in Florida, and I am happy to be an active, paying member of the CCDRA. The insights I have gained from the webinars and through discussions with the CCDRA Board Members are truly great and helpful. I would encourage anyone operating under the Referral Agency Model to explore the rules in California and take the safest and most compliant route possible for your own state."

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Benjy B. Benjy B.