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Current Situation in Afghanistan (August 2021)

Taliban rules Afghanistan, and Economic Crisis Looms.

As the Taliban take power in Afghanistan for the first time in 20 years, Afghans face not only a humanitarian crisis but also an economic crisis that threatens to make an already dire situation considerably worse.
Afghanistan is facing the heightened risk of a financial collapse after being propped up for the past two decades by foreign aid that now accounts for nearly half its legal economy.
The fate of the Afghan economy will be determined by decisions that the Biden administration and other countries must make on whether to recognize the Taliban as a legitimate government.
In the meantime, the United States and the international community are already shutting the flow of money, leaving Afghanistan in the stranglehold of sanctions that were designed to cut the Taliban off from the global financial system.
Analysts say the looming shock threatens to amplify a humanitarian crisis in a country that has already endured years of war.
Signs of strain were evident this week as the value of Afghanistan’s currency, the afghani, plunged to record lows and sent food prices soaring. Afghanistan centeral bank is closed, and access to money is virtually impossible.

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Afghanistan Map

Afghanistan Map